Dr. Barbara James

Mission & Values

We believe that health is a combination of your past health habits and your present healing intent. That’s why we offer friendly, professional client care based on innovative, results-oriented services. We are dedicated to applying holistic methods to help you restore and maintain your health in a natural way.

Dr. Barbara James has been a chiropractor in Kelowna for the past 30 years. She graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto in 1988. She spent her first two years in practice working with Dr. Robert Young, a Canadian chiropractor who pioneered a unique adjustment technique called Micro Alignment Therapy, which Dr. James now both teaches and has chosen to use exclusively in her own practice.

Dr. James is a passionate personal health activist whose focus is on helping people make positive lifestyle changes that impact their health and personal well-being. Her interest in this area has led her to study rehabilitation and self care. She believes the mind is the key to creating and maintaining good health habits, and her practice is centered on a holistic approach to patient care.