Update on our expanding services!

The Speed of Light World

WOW – Time to chat and catch up on our expanding services:

After surviving working the front desk this past summer, I am happy to report I have a new assistant to help Bonnie keep me organized.  Louise will work on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

My hours willremain the same (except for stat holiday Monday November 13th and 2 days away November 22 and 23rd).  No big plans for the holidays, except a week at Christmas off (the 25th to January 2nd).

Our kyBoot shoes expanded in September!  Many people are very excited to walk without pain and have more energy after a long day standing for work!

We like to schedule about 30 minutes for a kyBoot experience and besides our regular Tuesday to Thursday mornings, I am looking to open up on Fridays to accommodate all our referrals who want to discover the ‘Joy of Walking On Air’.

Please call the office if you or a friend/family member would like to check them out.  Soon we will have gift certificates available if you would like to have people contribute towards a kyBoot purchase.

The certificates will not be refundable for cash, but are transferable and will not have a name attached to them.

We are constantly improving our services and now we can bill third party insurance companies directly through Telus e-plan when we have your insurance information.  This means your insurance portion is billed to us and you will know immediately what your coverage allows.

“An AMAZING benefit of the Speed of Light World!”

Last but not least – In the next few months, I may have visiting practitioners who will be observing my treatments or providing additional services on certain days.

I am hopeful to attract colleagues who are interested in learning Micro Analysis and eventually Micro Alignment techniques to take care of more people!

With Healing Intent,


  • Brooke Fraser
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