Microcurrent Therapy

Injury often disrupts the body’s electrical balance and impedes the supply of blood, oxygen and vital nutrients to the injured area, slowing the healing process.  Microcurrent stimulation uses a very mild electrical impulse, which, although painless, has a powerful effect on the body.

Microcurrent TherapyMicrocurrent therapy works to change the electrical messages sent to cells in injured areas of the body.  This helps restore essential blood supply to injured areas, remove cell waste and relieve pain by stimulating natural healing.

It is effective in the treatment of soft-tissue injuries, decreased motion, stiffness, mobility problems and swelling/inflammation.

Microcurrent therapy may also be used as part of post-surgical care.  It is a valuable therapy for working with scar tissue adhesions occurring after injuries that prevent proper joint alignment, reduce strength and mobility.

This therapy is currently being provided by Dr. Ross Andersen, retired naturopathic and chiropractic doctor now working as a licensed osteopathic practitioner, live blood analyst and SafeZone EMF protection consultant.  His office is right next door at 1339 St. Paul St. and you may book your appointments with him at 778-214-3444.

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