Patient Comments

“I first saw Dr. James in 1994 for chronic back pain that I had for over 20 years. I had endured repeated visits to conventional chiropractors as well as alternative treatments like Rhumart therapy and acupuncture, but nothing helped for very long. I was delighted with the micro alignment approach and saw immediate improvement, with almost complete elimination of pain following five short visits. After seventeen years pain free, I returned to find relief for a new shoulder problem. I highly recommend Dr. James and her treatment methods for many different problems.”
-Ed M.


“Since I found this therapy I would never go back to other therapies. They are too invasive (compared to Micro Alignment) and my body was getting worse every time I had a treatment.
~ Judy M.


“This treatment is so gentle anyone could be helped by it. When you are ready to heal, Micro Alignment therapy is incredible.
~ Joyce H.


“I was actually ready to give up trying to do all the things in life that meant so much to me….My first treatment produced amazing results and instant relief to a three year old problem…I hope more people become aware and have the opportunity to experience for themselves what Micro Alignment therapy can do for them.
~ Teressa W.


“I have found Micro Alignment therapy very effective. There is no pain, or excess pressure nor discomfort, which makes it very favorable for patients. Having worked for a chiropractor for a number of years, I would very much like to have more chiropractors trained and practicing Micro Alignment Therapy.
~ Jeanne Y.


“I have been a chiropractic patient for 21 years and received many treatments with varying techniques. I’d never heard of Micro Alignment Therapy. One treatment was enough to convince me that I never wanted to go back to the twisting, pulling and awkwardness of conventional chiropractic – there was no need. A treatment with Micro Alignment Therapy is the most valuable testimony to this technique.
~ Estelle T.


“I am a 53 year old female with a history of neck and low back problems dating back to age 11….I will never revert back to what I now consider to be the old method after having experienced Micro Alignment Therapy…. I particularly think it important for very young children who require treatments as they will never grow up experiencing that uncomfortable feeling associated with a therapy, and will therefore look after their bodies when they need treatment.
~ Roberta H.


“My daughter Ashlee was 10 weeks old and continuously cried and/or screamed with pain. She would arch her back and go totally rigid. I was told by a friend that she took her infant to a chiropractor for colic….Now my friends and family cannot believe the difference in Ashlee’s behavior – no more screaming, no more gas pains, she is happy, relaxed, sleeps better and eats better. Dr. James helped us enjoy our child rather than being stressed out with the constant crying!
~ Brenda A.

  More Patient Comments

Have you had other chiropractic treatment before you tried Micro Alignment?  If so, how would you compare the treatment or results?

  • Yes.  The Micro Alignment has significantly helped me far more than any other chiropractic treatment.  J. McC.
  • Yes.  They were also effective but I prefer the method Dr. James uses – no cranking the neck. S.L.
  • Yes, 3 other methods (Palmer, Pro Adjuster, Pettibon) starting in 1984.  They provided some relief for pain and inflammation, but found Micro Alignment in the last year has improved lower back pain and better relief for upper back pain. A. & M. Payeur
  • Micro Alignment is gentle and very effective.  The treatment seems to last longer than conventional therapy between visits. S. R.
  • Yes, immediately prior.  Treatment unsatisfactory.  Results negative. S. B.
  • Very effective without all the big bone cracking.  Gentle and thorough and a more “whole” way of working. D. K.

What attracted you to first try Micro Alignment?

  • I tried it because the other treatments weren’t helping and Dr. James was highly recommended from the hospital.  J. McC.
  • The method. S.L.
  • I was looking for a more gentle approach.  M. P.
  • A friend introduced me to this therapy in 2002 and I have been having regular treatment ever since.  Other kinds of chiropractic treatment are too invasive and stressful to the body. S.R.
  • Dr. James was the chiropractor of my long term original chiropractor. S.B.
  • Experienced the bone cracking without much success from my symptoms – not specific enough so came to Dr. James. D.K.

Please share what you like about this style of chiropractic.

  • It is very effective and fast acting.  B. G.
  • It does not require any twisting or sudden pressure to move the joints or spine. J. McC.
  • I enjoy the gentle nature of the therapy – I see/feel results.  It shows you don’t need “cracking” to feel a difference.  J.M.
  • Gentle.  R.H.
  • Quick, pain-free, and it gets results. S.P.
  • It’s effective and I’m able to relax. S.L.
  • I prefer it because there is no manipulation, it is more gentle and instant relief.(M.P.
  • It is very gentle, no sudden jerks or close contact.  I have a feeling of relaxation and calm after a treatment.  It is highly effective to relieve pain. S.R.