Ambrosi Health Reset

“Health is a combination of our past health habits and our present healing intent” 

 Dr. Barbara James

That’s why we offer friendly, professional client care based on innovative, results-oriented services. We are dedicated to applying holistic methods to help you restore and maintain your health in a natural way.

In these stressful times, we need resilience for challenges to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.  This may require a re-assessment of how we can revitalize ourselves and not just wait for symptoms of poor health to occur. 

Our Contextual Healing Institute offers a variety of holistic strategies for members:

  • Increasing our energy can be stimulated by the powerful plasma light therapy called Theraphi.
  • Resetting our Vagal Nerve function and releasing pain or scar tissue adhesions is done using the Health Canada approved Dolphin neurostim therapy.
  • Using the mind as a “healing tool” can be accomplished by learning more about Health Reset strategies either in our small group workshops or in wellness coaching sessions.