Alignment Matters Courses

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Patients appreciate body assessment that can be related to their symptoms – whether it be pain, muscle spasm or loss of ROM.  These 2 courses are meant for multi-discipline practitioners to use whole body assessment to evaluate and discuss with patients the imbalances found and what their therapeutic approach is.

  1. Peripheral Alignment Matters – covers peripheral joint analysis for multi-discipline
    Practitioners interested in patient-centered analysis.  It introduces the Global Pattern Search (GPS) documentation and language used for verbal or written report of findings to guide practitioners and their patients for better results.
  2. Alignment Matters Certification – integrates GPS findings in the spine and cranium with peripheral joint analysis.  Requires 3-5 case studies to be submitted for certification to demonstrate how GPS informed or directed the therapy given.

*Course discounts of 50% will be given to any practitioners who are members of the Canadian Health Alliance.

Practitioners have not been able to learn the lever-based therapy called Micro Alignment Therapy for over 20 years.  Now Dr. Barbara James is making this possible and will teach how to use the precise, lever-based hand action to improve results in the soft tissues and/or all the joints of the body using GPS analysis.

  1. Micro Alignment Therapy – this course must be taught to in-person classes either in Kelowna or at locations to be determined.  This is a 1 day, hands on seminar to demonstrate and coach practitioners to use the lever-based approach to expand their skills in key areas such as peripheral joints, ribs and cranium.  Highly recommended to partner with other practitioners to continue practice and give informed feedback to each other.

*This course is only available to students who have been certified in the first 2 courses GPS Alignment Matters.

*Course discounts of 50% will be given to any practitioners who are members of the Canadian Health Alliance.

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